June 2017

Prayer Request: Thank you for taking time to pray for the needs of Support for Prison Ministries and the work of our chaplains and volunteers and those incarcerated that they minister to daily.

We also ask for these special prayer requests:

Praise Item – Prison population has been decreasing a bit the past few months. Part of the reason has been less drug arrests and shorter sentencing, but also as a chaplain has pointed out we must consider the fact that there is success coming from the prison ministries, and the chaplaincy as a whole through their work of Jesus Christ we are creating better citizens.

Pray for an inmate – Who is being released and is fearful he will fall back into his drug addiction even though he has made steps in the right direction spiritually. Pray that this individual would be drawn to Godly people to keep him from falling back into sin and crime.

Pray for Chaplain Tyrone Hightower – That God will continue using him with the Gospel message in prison as he works with inmates in guiding them to a hope in Jesus Christ.

Pray for an Inmate – That is worried about his wife staying with him while being incarcerated and for his children who are running with a bad crowd on the streets and he cannot be home to supervise them.

Pray for Volunteer Chaplain Vernell Hightower – For her continued ministry with the women at LCP. That God would bless her and her family while she serves.

Pray for an ex-offender – As he is being utilized for testimony in churches for overcoming drug addiction through Christ. That he also does not fall into other addictions and can remain a testimony of Christs cleansing power.

Pray for YIC Chaplain Elliot Good –That God would be with him in helping to balance his life of secular work, part time YIC chaplaincy, and personal spiritual growth.  That God would give him encouragement while working with young people and create divine appointments.

Pray for the Mark Adams Family – Mark was a beloved Corrections Office at Lancaster Prison who recently passed away. Mark was a Christian officer that cared about the spiritual well-being of the inmates and worked closely with the chaplaincy.

Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16