August 2017

Prayer Request – Thank you for taking time to pray for the needs of Support for Prison Ministries and the work of our chaplains and volunteers and those incarcerated that they minister to daily.

We also ask for these special prayer requests: 

Praise Item – There are many positives coming from the work of our chaplains and those that minister to prisoners. Incarcerations are down, some of that is the relaxing of drug laws and shorter sentences. However, less incarcerations could also be accounted to our prison chaplains who work with men and women and changed lives in Christ that keep the offenders from reoffending.

Pray for an inmate – who wrestles with sticking to a story for a trial which may get him off of a longer sentence or telling the truth which he realizes that is what God wants him to do and face the decision that will come from the truth. 

Pray for Chaplain office worker Diane Pistone –  That God is with her daily in handling inmate requests and scheduling clergy visits to inmates. That God would give her strength to continue doing what she does for SFPM and the prison.

Pray for an Inmate – Pray for an inmate who is struggling over the fact that he is helplessly incarcerated and his mother who has lost her job and her house is up for foreclosure.

Pray for Volunteer Chaplain Kent Martin – For his continued ministry with the men at LCP. That God would continue to bless him and his family in his work.

Pray for a family- that is looking for after care for a family member being released with a violent tendency and they have a desire to help him, but have safety concerns on their own.

Pray for YIC Chaplain Eliott Good – That God would continue to bless him in his work at YIC.  And that God can give him strength to balance secular work with his responsibilities of ministering to young men.

Pray for an inmate being released– Pray for a junior lifer being released this week after being incarcerated as a young man in 70’s that Streams of Life ministers have worked with over the last 15 years in a state prison. That he can adjust to all the changes in his world and neighborhood since he left some 40 years. And that he remains strong in the Christian faith which he displayed in prison.

And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. 1 John 5:15